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Christmas around the world

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Christmas is one of the biggest event  and celebration of Christian around the world. Christmas is not only celebrated in specific country but Christmas is celebrated   in many countries  around the world. During this Christmas event gifts are exchanged along with prayers and good wishes.

Here is the list of country who celebrate Christmas:

Christmas In MEXICO
Christmas celebration in UK
Christmas celebration in Germany
Christmas celebration  in  Egypt

Christmas is also celebrated with high spirits in various parts of the world. But the style of celebration is different in different countries around the world.

Most of us celebrate this event over a week. For some person it is a long festival that starts with the advent on Sunday next to November 26 and end on January 6. Christmas is a religious event which is full of happiness and joy.

Different countries people have their own tradition to celebrate this beautiful event. Today I will tell you how different countries people celebrate Christmas event in different style.

The common Christmas celebration in mexico is called las posadas which shows the processions renacting Joseph and Mary’s search for a place to stay in  Bethlehem.

Christmas in Mexico

In Mexico before Christmas market stall every town and city is decorated.many people move towards market for shopping .they buy gift and exchange with each other. Mexico people use flower in their celebration.

The common Christmas celebration in Mexico is called las posadas which shows the procession renacting Joseph and Mary’s search for a place to stay in Bethlehem.In Mexico, processions begin nine days ago before Christmas. This is because, the original journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem take nine days.

In Mexico Friends and family members divided into two groups.the one group of these people is called piligrisms and the second group is called innkeepers.the group of pilgrims travel from house to house and asking them for shelter and a traditional prayers is spoken and the party begins. Drink and food are served during this travel.

Christmas celebration in UK:

In UK families celebrate Christmas together .they have Christmas tree in their homes.they give presents to each other. The decorating of the tree is family occasion. Christmas trees were  first used in UK by prince Albertthe husband of queen Victoria. Albert  prince was German.Albert was thought it would be good to use one of his ways of celebrating Christmas in England.

Holly, lvy and Mistletoe are also used to decorate homes. In UK most cities and villages decorate with  light on the festival of  Christmas.the most famous and beautiful light in the UK are in oxford street in London. Thousands of people go to watch these beautiful lights around  the beginning of November.

Christmas celebration in Germany:

in Germany Christmas begins before the December falls but the real celebration of Christmas starts from 6th December. On the night of 5th December children put their shoes outside the door.

According to a German legend the spirit of ST. Nicholas goes from home to home carrying a book of sins  in which all the action of the year of children are written. It is said that st.Nicholas fills the shoes all good kids with trees and sweets.  Christmas tree also has very important place in history of Germany.

Christmas tree was first originated in Germany. Christmas tree is the important part of Christmas  in Germany. People do not take part in Christmas tree decoration. Father keeps children in separate room. Mother brings out the Christmas tree from a hidden place and decorate it with Apple nuts cars and train and candles or light.

As the decoration of tree is finished a bell is rung and children enter the room and children see the decoration of Christmas tree. Christmas is religious festival so families together on this event they exchange gifts with each other.

Christmas celebration in Egypt:

In Egypt most people are christens they belong to the Coptic orthodox church so they do not celebrate Christmas on 25th December. Their religious  festival of Christmas begins on 7th January. They have very unique tradition about Christmas.

From the 43 days before Christmas  from 25th November to 6th January people do not eat anything that comes from chicken beef. On 6th January Coptic Christians go to church for a special services. These services start from 10:30 PM. On this day people meet with each other they exchange gift with each other. These services  end  shortly  after midnight.

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