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Christmas Celebrations

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Christmas Celebrations

Christmas is the biggest event of Christian which is celebrated on 25 December. In Christmas days Christmas Celebrations takes importance in the heart of peoples. Some Christians think that Jesus is the light of belief for Christian people. So they think that this is the good time to celebrate Jesus birth. So Christmas is the day of holiday for Christian around the world.
Many peoples double their Christmas Celebration by doing following things:

Decorate your house for Christmas
Decorate a Christmas tree
Gathering of family and friends
Christmas Celebrations of Eve
Christmas Day Wedding

Christians celebrate this event around the world with happiness. The main aim of this CHRISTMAS event is to spend time in religious activities.
Peoples Spend most of their time with their family. Today I will tell you 5 way to Christmas celebrations which are given below:

Decorate your house for Christmas:

The decoration of the home is the big task during Christmas event.all family member participate in the decoration of home. Christmas lights are put on home. People decorate their home offices shopping mall and windows with colorful light. People go out for Christmas shopping spend time with family and friends. Children play games with each other.
They share toys and cookies with each other. Santa clause is the most important character of Christmas event. It
is also considered that Santa Claus gives the gift to children.

Decorate a Christmas tree:

Christmas tree has a very important part of this event. Go out with your family members to buy a Christmas tree when you have this tree then start to decorate it.children also play an important role to decorate the Christmas tree.
thousands tree are decorated on this Christmas event .tree decoration is the joyful part of Christmas event.
most tress is decorated with Apple colored egg shell nuts sun star and flowers.

Gathering of family and friends:

For many people, Christmas is the event for family and friends gathering. People gather on this event.
They exchange gifts with each other.some people invite their friends to dinner.they meet on the beach. They
enjoy this holiday of Christmas.some people see Christmas movie together. Children share their toys and cookies
with other children.They also share christmas traditions with each other which they celebrate.

Christmas Celebration of Eve:

Christmas eve is evening celebrated one day before Christmas event. In some churches, Christmas Eve is celebrated
during midnight but in some churches, people celebrate Christmas eve on 24th December in evening.
it is also considered that Santa Claus gives the gift to good children. Santa Claus helps poor people.

Christmas Day Wedding :

some people have their plan of marriage on 25th December on Christmas day. They decorate their venues with various Christmas ornaments. Mostly music is used which resemblance to Christmas music. On the marriage of Christmas day, Santa Claus is invited. Santa Claus surprise the guest, Santa dance with the guest. Children enjoy this activity. Santa Claus also gives the gift to children. so the wedding on Christmas day is also considered the romantic part of two-person life.

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