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christmas factsAlthough the exact date of birth of  Jesus is not mentioned. 25th December was chosen for juices birth in the 4th century. During the celebration of Christmas cards gifts Christmas trees are giving each other. Christmas day is celebrated by many Christian people around the world.

Christmas is celebrated on 25th December. It is popular holiday among non-Christians. Christmas is celebrated by-Christians for the birth of jesus Christ. There are many Christmas facts around the world. Here we will discuss the 40 Christmas facts about Christmas

The word Christmas is derived from the word Christ Mass. In old English it is known as cristesmases which literally means Christian Mass.

The 40 Christmas facts are given below:

1: US scientists thinks that santa would have to visit 822 home. He delivereS gifts and presents all the world .

2:  Though Christian celebrate the birth of juses but this is not a fact because the birth of  juses  is not mention in Bible.it is not official holiday. The date of birth of juses was selected in the 4th century.

3: The days after 25 chritmas  is known boxing day. 26th December is boxing day.it is consider the holy day of st.stephen.

4: Jesus was born in cave.some biblical scholars said that He was not bornIN WOODEN stable.

5: 28 sets of lego are sold during the religious  Christmas festival.

6: Coca cola was the first company to used santa claus during the  winter season for promotion.

7: Did you know the first Christmas was celebrated on December 25 AD 336 .first Christmas was celebrated in romeo.

8: Some old names of Christmas are “Midwinter” “Nativity” and “Yule”.

9: 3 billion Christmas cards are sent in us alone every year. The business of Christmas card is very famous and huge.

10: Another name of Christmas tree is YULE-TREE

11: FIRST CARD was introduced in 1915 by Hallmark.

12       Christmas has different meaning all over the world. Christmas Eve in japan is considred a good and beautiful day to eat chicken and strawberry.

13: First electric lights were introduced in 1854.

14: Christmas tree decoration was originated in the 16th century in germany.

15The credit goes to Germany for starting the Christmas tree tradition .

16: Friday and Saturday before the Christmas are considred the business shopping days.

17:  There are two islands in the world named Christmas .the name of one island is pacific oceanand other named is Indian ocean.
18: The largest and beautiful Christmas tree in the world is 278feet tall.
19: White Christmas is the best selling Christmas song ever .50 million copies of this song has sold around the world.

20: One thousand copies of the first Christmas cards were sold in 1843 by sir Henry cole in London.

21: In Hawaii, Santa is called Kanakaloka.

22: In 2014 ten million turkeys were consumed in uk during the Christmas.

23: In every minute5-6 thousand visa card are used during the Christmas season.

24: In tradition three colors of Christmas are green red and gold. Green is the symbol of life red is the symbol of blood christ gold is  the symbol of wealth .

25: 30-35 million real Christmas trees are sold in u.s every year.

26:  In 1962 The first Christmas stamp was issued in united state .

27: According to a reascher  during in  the 2015 christmas  $830 billion were  spent  in the us towards shopping gifts and 47%of these shoppers were buy gifts online.

28: Christmas trees are banned due to environmental  issues in white house  in 901 by the president teddy  Roosevelt.

29: Franklin Pierce was the first president to place christam tree in white house.

30: King William of England was crowned on Christmas day 1066.

31: King Richard 11 of England on a Christmas feast  in 1377 twenty eight oxen and three hundred sheep were eaten after this feast .

32: Spiders are consider in Poland the symbol of goodness at Christmas.in fact spiders are used as Christmas tree decoration .according to some research a spider move baby jesus a blanket to keep him warm.

33: Christmas trees are grown in all 50 states including Hawaii and Alaska.

34: Germany is credit to starting the Christmas tree tradition.

35: In Hawaii, santa is called  kanakaloka.

36: First Christmas was celebrated in America in 1539.

37: 1/3rd of the 20 highest grossing movies are released during the Christmas.

38: Gifts are shared with each other during the Christmas symbolize the gift given to jesus by three wise men.

39: The most expensive christmas tree was in united Arab Emirates last yea.its worth was  $11,026,900 .

40: Christmas is celebrated to represent the spirit of givng .through this spirit gifts are exchange on Christmas.it is also important to remember other people that are less fortunate than us.

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