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Christmas tradition around the world

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It is a joyful and festive time of year all over the world for Christian. People prepare December themselves for Christmas. Many people shared present with each other. Many countries have their own ways to celebrate the Christmas. They make this Christian festival unique. So all country people have their own Christmas tradition to celebrate their event.

Let’s take a look today i am tell you about Christmas tradition around the world.

Christmas in Australia:

Christmas traditions are very similar in North America and England with the story of Santa Claus. Australia and their neighbors celebrate Christmas in the middle of summer. Christmas in Australia is very hot. Australians have Christmas day in the mid-degree Celsius. Some of their Christmas tradition are similar to other countries.

The hot weather means Christmas is celebrated outdoor its very common among people to go to the beach.some Australians and tourists have their Christmas dinner on a local beach. Bondi Beach in Sydney’s attracts thousands of people on Christmas day.so people of Austraila have celebrated Christmas in the different style.

Christmas in Canada:

United state and Canada have many same Christmas traditions such as Christmas trees and hanging stocking .in Canada the traditional Christmas dinner is roast turkey with vegetables.Fruity Christmas pudding with brandy sauce.pastry and pies are filled with a mixture of chopped dried fruit.in some province of Canada Christmas is a big winter festival called sink tuck. It is celebrated with dancing and a present giving party so, Canada has their own tradition of Christmas.

Christmas in Netherlands:

Netherlands celebrates the arrival of Sinterklaas the Dutch equivalent of Saint Nicholas and his helper.The bulk of Dutch Christmas celebrations take place on 5thand 6th of December.on the 5th December children set their shoes out at night and on the 6th December, the children shoes will be filled with goodies.

Christmas in Spain:

Christmas festival officially began in Spain on 8th December. Christmas is a religious holiday in Spain.the Christmas tradition in Spain celebrates the story of the three kings .these three kings give presents to all the children on 6th January the date when the wise men gave gifts to Jesus.spanish honor the cow at Christmas.

They think when Mary gave birth to Jesus the cow in the stable breathed on the baby Jesus to keep him warm.during the weeks before Christmas families gather to sing while children play and dance. December 28 is the day of feast for holy innocent .young boys of a town acts as a mayor who orders the people to sweep the street .spainsh people go to church and exchange present.

Christmas in Japan:

In Japan small percentage of the population is Christian. In Japan Christmas is considered less religious celebration. Christmas Is a time of year to spread happiness and love in Japan.In recent years, there has been one meal that is associated with Christmas is fried chicken. Restaurants such as KFC are packed for Christmas.

Christmas in Scotland:

in Scotland new years is considered just as festival if not then Christmas.the celebration of Christmas was banned  in Scotland from 17th century to the 1950 due to protestant reformation.the holiday was perceived as popish and catholic tradition. Christmas is once again celebrated in Scotland during its 400 year. Ancient radiation cleaning the house before midnight December 31st.

Christmas in Argentina:

Argentinas decorate their homes offices with lights and hang red and white flowers on their home door. Christmas trees are very popular and they are decorated on 8th December.the Nativity scene is an important Christmas decoration in Argentina.The main Christmas meal is eaten during the evening of Christmas Eve.

Popular dishes of Argentinian are turkey roasted pork stuffed tomatoes and Christmas bread. People of Argentinians set fireworks at midnight and starts Christmas.mostly family gathering take place on Christmas Eve with huge gifts exchange at midnight.

Christmas in Peru :

December 24th is the main day in Peru when Christmas is celebrated.Families in Peru go home to feast open gifts. The most important decorations are pesebre carved from wood or stone.

Christmas In Mexico:

In Mexico, before Christmas market stall every town and city is decorated.many people move towards the market for shopping .they buy gift and exchange with each other. Mexico people use the flower in their celebration.

The common Christmas celebration in Mexico is called las posadas which shows the procession reenacting Joseph and Mary’s search for a place to stay in Bethlehem.In Mexico procession begins nine-day ago before Christmas because the original journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem took nine days.

In Mexico Friends and family members divided into two groups.the one group of these people is called pilgrims and the second group is called innkeepers.the group of pilgrims travel from house to house and asking them for shelter and a traditional prayers is spoken and the party begins.Drink and food are served during this travel.

Christmas in UK:

In the UK families celebrate Christmas together. They have Christmas tree in their homes.they give presents to each other.the decorating of the tree is family occasion . Christmas trees were first used in the UK by Prince Albert the husband of Queen Victoria.

Albert Prince was German.Albert was thought it would be good to use one of his ways of celebrating Christmas in England. Holly levy and Mistletoe are also used to decorate homes. In the UK most cities and villages decorate with light on the festival of  Christmas.the most famous and beautiful light in the UK are in oxford street in London.thousands of people go to watch these beautiful lights around the beginning of November.

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